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Just practicing your swing at the range, in your yard, or off a golf mat will not tell you if your swing path is correct! In fact, with an improper swing path that kind of practice can only reinforce the bad habit!

The Swing Path/ST and Swing Path/ST Deluxe Practice Mat System are golf swing aids, specifically designed to target and correct the swing path of the club that causes a golfer to slice the ball. The training system and products are so simple you don’t even have to actually practice hitting a golf ball to know if it is working... just swing!

The Swing Path/ST and Swing Path/ST Deluxe Practice Mat System are designed for simplicity. This simple golf swing system makes them the easiest to use and the easiest to understand regarding the concept of the club head swing path.

The Swing Path/ST Products allow the golfer to:
  • Form the proper lines of their golf stance, and through the swing process know instantly upon completion of the swing if they are following the correct path (by not striking the pole with their club)

  • Realize if they are coming across the ball with a diagonal arc, or with an “out to in” swing path that will either cause the shot to slice or drive straight left (thus causing the club to make contact with the pole).

What makes the Swing Path/ST products different?

  • The spring mounted flexible pole will flex away from the golfer as the club collides with the pole, not causing any damage to the club and instantly telling the golfer his swing was wrong. The pole will then flex back upright and the golfer is ready to swing again without the need to manually reset the golf aid, there is no need for any electrical power or product set up. When you finish with a high swing back and around your left shoulder you will miss the pole, knowing your swing was down line. The basic Swing Path/ST model is a stand-alone which is very mobile and can be used anywhere - your yard, on your own practice mat, the range, or the course!

  • With the Swing Path/ST Deluxe Golf Practice Mat System, the same flex pole is incorporated into a quality padded practice mat, plus you will receive these added system benefits:

About Our Simple Golf Swing System

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How It Works
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  • Pre-printed Toe Line - Allows you to square your stance at the setup of the ball.

  • Pre-printed Target Zone Lines - For the visual effect of both setting the clubs for take away and for a target strike zone, these mat lines show you and help you to focus on where the club head needs to come down square.

  • 4’ Putting Zone - With a reduced size cup for practicing those 4’ putts that give us all the “Yips!!” This practices the skill of taking the putter face back square, keeping the putter blade between the lines, then back forward straight and square, staying in between the lines to the hole.

  • Target Strike Zone Lines - For both the swing and putting exercises, you learn both muscle and mind memory so when you are at the Tee, out on the fairway, pitching around the green, or putting on the green you can visualize the Target Zone Lines in your mind.

  • Green’s Edge Chipping Line - By placing your heels in front of the toe line and using the Iron Hit Zone Space you can practice drawing the club straight back and straight through the Target Zone Lines, always staying in between those lines and coming down on the ball...ensuring a straight pitch to your target!
For more detailed information on how the Swing Path/ST and Swing Path/ST Deluxe Practice Mat System will work and help you develop a powerful golf swing and straighter more accurate golf shots, see the instructional video / written instructions on our website.
Follow our easy to use instructional guide and videos to make the most of your new MiloGolf Swing Aid System!
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