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The Milo Golf story started on a golf course in 2009, when I was playing around with my “old buddy Ben,” hacking my way around the course as a lot of us amateur golfers do, trying to break that elusive “90” and hoping to not shoot though the hateful “100.”

My golf game is like my construction skills—“Jack of all trades/master of none”—but my biggest problem was the dreaded slice! Especially off the tee, but my old friend the slice would visit me with my fairway woods and long irons just as regularly as with the driver.

I realized watching Ben that day—and then starting to pay attention to my brother’s game, friend’s game, my business client’s game, and just talking to golfers in general—that the large majority of us “weekend warriors” shared that same relationship with the slice.

Then after talking to my local course pro and taking some golf lessons, the whole slice thing got me thinking. I realized that I will never have the game of a pro golfer, but something my daddy told me years ago, when he introduced me to this beloved game—a game he truly loved and was very good at—was “Son, if you can hit the ball straight playing golf, you may not have the game of a pro, but you’ll have a good golf game, and you’ll enjoy it.”

While the golf lessons helped my game, I found that over time my old habits came back, and to be honest I forgot most of what I was told. I did not fully understand the concept of the golf swing or have a way of knowing if I was even swinging in the proper path when I did practice. I wanted a golf swing aid that would help me hit the ball straighter from tee to green while eliminating that strong slice from my swing.

Thus, Milo Golf was born—I wanted an easy to use, easy to understand way to actually understand the concept of the golf club swing path; a golf training aid that could be lightweight, mobile, not require electrical power, and that would give me immediate feedback during my swing if the swing path of my club head was off line; a golf training aid that could help me develop a more powerful golf swing.

From what I was taught in my golf lessons, reading in golf magazines and general thought, I came to the realization that the reason I, and most golfers, slice the ball is because they come across the ball, opening up and leading with their left shoulder (right-handed golfers) and their swing path is throwing the club head to a 11:00/10:00 target down line with a low finish.

This is more of a baseball swing (yes I played a lot of baseball growing up and very little golf, like most in my generation did!). The golf swing is not a normal swing to do, and hard to conceive.

The Swing Path ST stand alone and the Swing Path ST Deluxe Golf Practice Mat are the answer to everything I wanted. They are both designed to be lightweight, mobile, require no setup or electrical power...and most important, as a simple golf swing system, they give you immediate feedback during your swing as to where your swing path is going.

Well as you may have guessed, the Milo in Milo Golf is named after my father, Milo Wolf. Milo instilled in me a love and respect for the game that grew the older I have become.

While I have never come close to achieving his golf game—Dad was a University of Notre Dame Golf Monogram winner, team captain, and played in city and business tournaments—I did receive his passion to play the best I can... and that starts with hitting the ball straight.
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Develop a Powerful Golf Swing

Milo on the Notre Dame Golf Team. Walter Hagen, Jr. was one of his teammates.
So if you are wanting to have a golf training aid you can use at your home, at the range or even the course - or if a golf training practice mat better suits your needs so you can save those divots in your yard or practice year round inside - without the need to even actually hit a golf ball and still know you are swinging right....... please look over our Swing Path ST and Swing Path ST Deluxe Golf Training Mat swing training aids.

"Thank You for your interest in Milo Golf Products" 
-Mark A. Wolf
Follow our easy to use instructional guide and videos to make the most of your new MiloGolf Swing Aid System!
We Help You Hit ‘Em Straight, From The Tee To The Green/Milo Golf 
Milo putting on the green, later in life.