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The easiest to use, easiest to understand golf swing training equipment on the market! To remove the slice from your golf swing, use the Swing Path Slice Terminator (Swing Path/ST) and Swing Path Slice Terminator Deluxe Golf Practice Mat System golf swing aid!

What causes a golfer to slice the ball? In our opinion, the number-one reason is the improper swing path of the club head coming across the ball and putting a spin on it, causing those wicked slices we all hate! We could all use a golf training piece to avoid those!

Do you have a powerful golf swing? Many golfers do not rotate or even lead the golf swing with their hips on the down swing. Many amateur golfers have a tendency to lead with the left shoulder, opening up to the left before we ever hit the ball, causing the club head to be swung in an arc across the ball.

Additionally, as we get older our bodies don’t move, twist, and bend like when we were younger. This causes us to use more upper body and less lower body in our golf swing, and we only swing and rotate with our shoulders. Fortunately, it is possible to improve your golf swing and improve your golf shot accuracy  overall.

What is needed is a golf swing tool, a training aid that lets us know and understand what we are doing immediately as we swing—a tool that will promote keeping the left shoulder back during the swing and letting the club head bring us around to a nice high finish.

That simple golf swing system and training aid: The Swing Path/ST & Swing Path/ST Deluxe Practice Mat!

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